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Like many firms, we offer a variety of financial services and analytic strategy tools designed to produce better business intelligence.  Find yourself under the Client Solutions tab.  Select what Type of Firm you are or your company's Stage of Growth, and see our custom-tailored services designed to help you.  Or you can select any of our services directly under Type of Service under the Client Solutions tab.
What makes us different is our integrated business perspective

A business is the sum its parts moving over time.  We look at the entire financial reporting cycle of the business over time, integrating the viewpoints of strategy, finance, marketing, operations, and accounting:

Business Intelligence by Function over Time

Accounting data is historical, and represents business activity that happened in the past, or "yesterday" as in this graphic.  All public financial reports used by the IRS and SEC are based on this data.

Strategy and Finance focus more on what will happen tomorrow, developing forecasts of future products and markets and the capital required to achieve these objectives.  These projections are not always tied to the present and past.
Sales and Operations generate the performance numbers today, often using different information systems for information management, delivery tracking, purchasing, which may or may not be directly linked to accounting, strategy, or finance.
We tie together the time frames and focus on the overlaps
Key underlying data relationships are often lost in the transition through functional areas over time.  What we do is capture this business intelligence.  We focus on the overlaps to bring to the financial reporting cycle of business into one perspective.  GMIG ties all mission critical data together from the past and present under the same financial measurement metrics.  This means that our clients can see the outcome of any "what if..." business scenario and visualize their future with the best possible clarity. 
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